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Our Story

Mark Webber Co-Founder of Logoin30minutes
narrates the journey to become one of world’s leading
logo website and a one stop marketing solution.

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I (Mark) was a web developer who excelled in my field while my mate Steve was a design expert and we both were working for a design agency. Both of us were doing pretty decent at our jobs and were well satisfied with our work. However, I always had the entrepreneurial creed and was determined to transform the design industry. I was just waiting for the right opportunity and the right time.

One lazy Sunday morning while watching a football game at home we decided to order pizza. Little did we know that this Pizza was about to transform our lives soon. I and Steve were appalled by the Pizza service claim to deliver in 30 minutes or offer the pizza for free. I challenged Steve to design a logo and beat the Pizza’s delivery time. Coincidentally Steve was able to produce a design within the thirty minutes by the time the Pizza arrived. Although Steve was excited about winning the bet and enjoyed the Pizza for free. However, despite losing this bet I knew we had achieved a landmark for future. This laid the foundations of a design agency that was built to deliver precision within time. With the aim to beat industry average times and deliver what you dream within thirty minutes we had laid the foundations of a future organization. And logoin30minutes was born a transformational design platform that promised to deliver your design within 30 minutes.

"I believe that if you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

"Whatever I do in life, I make sure I surround myself with smart people who argue with me."

"In Steve I had found a friend and partner
who gave me freedom to be myself and create my
vision into an organization"

Logoin30minutes is currently working globally in USA, UK, Australia and Canada and is accredited with a number of awards and recognition over the year. With a trust pilot score of 9.8 and thousands of satisfied customers within one year, we are here to revolutionize this industry for good. We not only strive to just deliver in 30 minutes but we deliver your dream within 30 minutes.